• Social Integration of Immigrants Students by Using Drama Applications

The 3rd International Project Meeting

The 3rd International Project Meeting was held in Denizli, Turkey, between the dates 6th–9th November 2016. Project partners from Slovenia and Turkey discussed about the project activities and made an evaluation of the first year activities and project progress. Participants gave feedback from the Application of Drama Techniques in their classes, which they studied in previous meetings. They also presented their activities done so far. The participants of the meeting developed their knowledge by learning new techniques in Drama.

The 2nd International Project Meeting

The 2nd International Project Meeting was held in Rogaška Slatina, Slovenia, 4th–7th September 2016.
The mayor of municipality of Rogaška Slatina, mag. Branko Kidrič greeted the project partners.
Participants of the meeting had the opportunity to learn in theory of the Drama Techniques - Drama Warmers/fillers/ games their practice &value.

The First International Project Meeting

The first International Project Meeting was held in Denizli, Turkey between 18th – 21st June 2016. The kick-off meeting was very productive with a rich meeting agenda. Each partners introduced oneself and organization to other participants. Partners focused on the administrative and financial issues of Erasmus + projects and the main ideas of the project. Each partner focused on individual tasks and shared responsibilities. There were also presentations of the activities done so far by each partner. You can find more detailed information about the first meeting in the presentations below.